University Philharmonia Concert: ‘A triumph’

University of Nottingham Philharmonia triumph again at their first concert of the term.

Sunday night’s concert saw the student orchestra take on some challenging works that were performed with great flair and enthusiasm.


The Trent building got musical yesterday

First up was Kodály’s Dances of Glanta, which was obviously a demanding play. The woodwind stole the show with their energetic interpretations of Kodály’s Hungarian folk dances that had even the least musical members of the audience tapping their feet.

Shostakovich’s 2nd Piano Concerto ended the first half, with soloist Rob Upton tackling the piano part. With his Spencer Matthews-esque hair style and reputation for DJ-ing Rock City on a Saturday night, Rob doesn’t strike the traditional image of a concert pianist, but he held his own against the force of the orchestra in this technically difficult piece.

A triumph

A triumph

Finally it was time for Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony: the Eroica. A mammoth symphony and another tricky play, it was pulled off brilliantly. The players gave no sign that that they were flagging, and maintained energy through the slow movement to the epic finale.

All in all, a fantastic concert that showcased the amazing talent of the students at this university.