10 Things to Do This Week

Here’s your guide to all the things you should be doing this week instead of doing your uni work.

1.Varsity Basketball @ Capital FM arena

Monday, Women’s at 4.30pm, £5.

Do you like Varsity and enormous bouncy balls? Do you like University pride and ‘banter’ as the kids call it these days? Do you like sports you probably don’t understand properly? Then you should definitely go.

Shooting some hoops

Shooting some hoops

2.The Jezebels @ Rescue Rooms

Monday, doors 6.30pm, £10

They’ve drilled through the Earth from Australia just to sing for you lovely lot, so the least you can do is show up and jump around a bit.


3.The Threepenny Opera @ Nottingham Playhouse

Until 8th March, times vary, from £8.50

Despite not involving a single penny, The Threepenny Opera is something you should probably see. Bertolt Brecht’s (he of Arturo Ui fame, English students) play tells the story of a world where evil goes unpunished and follows a miserable band of lowly souls in the London slums. Jolly stuff!

Some Brecht for cultura

Some cheery Brecht

4.Concrete Boots @ New Theatre

Wednesday- Saturday, times vary,from £4

No, not a Zelda item (that there is a very niche joke) but the story of two brothers who get on the bad side of gangster and wake up at the beachside with, you guessed it, concrete boots on. It’s another story about the danger of errant penises, go check it out!

New Theatre spring season begins

New Theatre spring season begins

5.The Gentle Hook @ Theatre Royal

Monday- Saturday, times vary, from £10

The Gentle Hook doesn’t tell the story of old Captain Hook in retirement, but the much darker tale of a woman who kills an intruder in her house. Which is just never a good idea, kids. Nottingham Post said it’s ‘cracking entertainment,’ which may or may not be a pun.

Looks suspicious

Looks suspicious

6.George Ezra @ The Bodega

Thursday, doors 7pm, unfortunately sold out.

Do you like George Ezra? He has pretty nice hair. WELL TOO BAD BECAUSE IT’S (he’s*) SOLD OUT. This an entirely mocking inclusion. You should probably move quicker next time. Jeez.


7.National Theatre War Horse @ The Savoy

Thursday, 7pm, £10

Humans congealing to form a full functioning horse-beast may sound like a nightmare to some people, but to theatre types (and Steven Spielberg) it means pretty much every award possible. If you fancy a bit of culture, go check out a live recorded version of War Horse (it’s honestly kind of a big deal) at your friendly neighbourhood Savoy.

Everyone's favourite local cinema

Everyone’s favourite local cinema

8.The Little Sweep @ Djanogly Recital Hall

Friday, 8pm, £5 for students

While (disappointingly) not the story of a sentient dust-brush taking on the big bad world, The Little Sweep still sounds pretty damn adorable. It’s a short children’s opera about a young sweep boy who’s rescued from his horrible dusty fate by a group of boisterous children. Any similarities to a little dude called Oliver are entirely accidental.


A pretty adorable opera

9.Moonlighters @ The Den

Friday, £3 on the door.

Moonlighters, a great name for a crime-fighting syndicate. It’s also a great name for a great big band, and they’ll be brassing your unsuspecting faces off next Friday.

Big Band

Never EVER miss a Moons gig

10.Foxes @ Stealth

Saturday, doors 6.30pm, £8

She apparently creates ‘magical dream like tracks’ which sounds both nifty and threatening.