Instaglam: Nottingham Night Clubs

We capture Nottingham’s favourite night-time haunts by the light of day (with a little help from Instagram)

We can all picture the scene: blaring music, hundreds of students of varying levels of drunkenness queuing and most likely a portion of cheesy chips (or a puddle of sick) smeared across the floor.

That pretty much describes the typical student night out and Nottingham is no different.

Although it can be difficult to locate the majority of these places sober, have you ever wondered what your favourite Nottingham hot-spots look like in the daytime?

The Tab attempts to Insta-glamourize some of the least glamourous places on the student radar:

Coco Tang:

A place so elite it doesn’t even advertise itself from the outside.

Wedged right in the heart of Nottingham’s shopping district, only those who have ventured there before know that beyond that gateway and beneath the cobbled streets lies a lounge filled with cocktails and candlelight.

Exclusive? Pretentious? Maybe a little, but you can’t deny Coco Tang has style.




Constantly eclipsed by its far more popular counterpart Ocean, not even Oceana’s outer appearance can do much to sell itself.

You can offer us free breakfast all you want but it’s going to take more than that to lure us to this run-down concrete fortress.

#who #goes #here?

Not the most popular of venues


One of the newer venues on a student’s radar, playing host to nights such as Itchy Feet and Gold Teeth, Bodega actually fares quite well in the light of day.


Have you tried it yet?

Rock City:

It’s hard to miss Rock City, home of popular student night Crisis.

By day it is screaming to be noticed but lacks the glitzy appeal experienced by drunken students, especially for those of us still mourning the loss of the burger van…




Rock City’s sweatier and edgier sibling.

Filled with sportsmen and BNOCs, the outer appearance of Black Cherry Lounge does much to emphasize its alternative vibes (i.e. it’s not quite the shit hole that Rock City is)

#hot #sweaty #sauna

The sauna from the outside


If it’s good enough for Spencer Mathews it’s good enough for us!

You can’t dress up Forum by day: the infinite number of restaurants that surround it means it’s greatly overshadowed until the early hours.

Stealth VS. Rescue Rooms:

Nottingham’s home of house and drum and bass.

By night, it’s one of the more interesting venues, given the way the two clubs interconnect to make one large hot bed of wrong’uns. That huge smoking area just looks so bare by day though…


Very different in the light

#gumchewing #hugebuzz

Chewing gum all over the place


This place couldn’t look good even if it was dropped into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. One of the ugliest places in Nottingham,

Ocean is solid proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Thank god it’s so great inside.

#darlingitsbetter #downwhereitswetter

Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter