So, you’re going to your very first Ocean

The theatre of dreams

No one back home ever seems to ‘get it’ when you talk about Ocean. It’s like a virus and just as contagious as Ebola.

The floor alone is famous.

Ocean 1

The last carpet was finally deemed too foul smelling to stay last year and you know it’s only gonna be a matter of time before the new one goes the same way.

The dancefloor will leave you more stuck than a fly in a spiderweb. Despite it all, we still love it: it’s our rancid carpet.

Haven’t got a ticket? You’ll have to be in the queue by 9 – commitment is necessary, resistance is futile.

Too late. You're fucked

Too late. You’re fucked

Veterans know that with ever-increasing popularity, you really can’t take your chances against the mob of baying freshers lusting for VKs.

Leaving early feels like an issue but it gets disgustingly busy almost immediately. Plus there’s always the freeze room to the left if you want to sit and chat like a weirdo, or the smokers if you want to bump into everyone you met in halls.

From this...

From this…

To this

To this

There is definitely some kind of Ocean conspiracy which means that everyone arrives at the same time.

If you arrive at just the right (wrong) time you can blink, then suddenly see the queue grow by the hundreds.

If it’s stretched around the corner, you may as well swallow that bitter pill of defeat and head home with your tail between your legs.


Ocean has no trouble with inducing lactose overdose.

Standout cheese specials include music from Destiny’s Child, Shakira and Queen. Not to mention Since U Been Gone and Year 3000 which they tend to throw at us about halfway through the night.

Some argue Baywatch is set to die out. Not on this hallowed turf. The Baywatch theme song is an absolute spectacle.

There’s no faster way to get a room full of Notts students naked and happy about it.

Don't get lost

Don’t get lost

One short trip to the toilet and your friends could be halfway across the dancefloor. Trying to find people after your 6th Sambuca shot is one of the greatest challenges a Notts student faces. The Ocean is cruel like that.
The Powerpuff Girls workin the dancefloor

The array of attire in this Ocean is vast. From men in dresses and fishnets to police officers that will arrest you just for walking past.

Management could probably open up their own shop from all the hats, wigs and props which get lost during Friday nights, never mind the t-shirts launched during Baywatch.

Love it or hate it: there’s no denying that Ocean Friday is legendary. The stench will likely remain burned in our nostrils long after our uni lives are over.