How to: Do Valentine’s Day Cards Properly

Move over Blue Peter, here’s some we made earlier.

Whether it’s love, your legs or bitterness you’ll be spreading this Valentines Day we’ve sentimentally handcrafted a Valentine’s card to suit every university relationship: from the practically married to the imaginary.

Because V- Day can and should get more awkward.

1. The ‘long distance relationship’ card


2. The ‘Club Casanova’ card


3.  The ‘let me talk nerdy to you’ card

IMG_3327 (640x501)

4. The ‘half way to a mortgage’ card


5. The ‘ I swear “secret admirer” is not a synonym for “stalker”‘ card

IMG_3337 (640x481)

IMG_3338 (640x541)

6. The ‘I lost more than my student ID at Crisis’ card


7. The ‘friends-with-bens’ card


8. The ‘Are-we-a-thing-I-hope-we’re-a-thing-but-I-don’t-wan’t-you-to-know-I-hope-we’re-a-thing’ card

IMG_3332 (491x640)

9.The ‘I’m single and I’m sassy’ card

single card

10. The ‘I’m single and I’m cynical’ card


11. The ‘deflower me’ card

IMG_3330 (478x640) (2)

12. The ‘I’m burning for you’ card


13. The ‘I like you enough to give you a token of my affection that is neither sarcastic nor rude’ card

IMG_3341 (606x640)

14. The ‘I’ve got a bun in the oven’ card


Small print: May cause injury to face or intimate areas and increased risk of a lonely, angst filled trip to Ocean this Friday.