What’s all the fuss about Neknominate?

Neknominations can be disgusting and immoral, but don’t blame the game when they get out of hand, says Bryony Latham

We’ve all heard of Ring of Fire, I Have Never and Fuzzyduck, but now #Neknominate has become a part of a student’s day-to-day vocabulary. Although excessive drinking is not a new fad, this simple game of only two rules has caught on like wildfire through social media and is the perfect excuse for health organizations and news reporters to go into a frenzy.

Police warning

Drinking is a social activity, so why is it surprising that it’s now plastered all over Facebook in the form of #Neknominate?

It was only a matter of time before some genius would initiate a drinking game over the internet that was destined to go viral. Just like the irresponsible and nonsensical craze of planking, this will soon be replaced with an equally silly trend that will no doubt be taken too far by outrageous “laddish” stunts.

Maybe he'll regret that when his colleagues find out on Monday...

Maybe he’ll regret this when his colleagues find out on Monday…

Unfortunately #Neknominate has been linked to the death of two men, which has handed the media ammunition to totally demonize the silly drinking game. Even more so, it has pushed #Neknominate into the limelight and awarded it with five minutes of fame.

This has furthered the dotty desire of alpha-males to out-do each other on drinking stunts whilst they film themselves looking like a herd of tits.

This is one of the more odd #Neknominations…



Among the most unfathomable of #Neknominations is a sick Welshman who bit the head off a chicken carcass and swallowed it whole before downing a concoction of vodka, eggs and a cigarette which he previously stubbed out on his tongue.

In what reality is that amusing? It is simply disgusting and in no way can be condoned.

Although, this does remind me of some of the shameful extremes individuals put themselves through to impress at some of events in Freshers. 

A pair of tits at Mr and Mrs Nottingham contest 2011 - amusing.

A pair of tits at Mr and Mrs Nottingham contest 2011 – amusing.

There has always been a macho culture where people precariously teeter on the edge of taking things too far all for the heroic effort of winning over peers. However, the majority of people who take part in #Neknominations are reasonably sane (unless you’re a third year under the stress of dissertation woes) and probably only down a pint of whichever beverage is on offer at the time in Sainsbury’s.

Or perhaps some nominees opt to spice up their video with a bit of fancy dress or a spoonful of baked beans. Be careful though, the last thing we need is for someone to choke on food whilst they down their pint; that will also be blamed on the craze of #Neknominations.

Although Facebook has been asked to ban all #Neknominations, they have refused and, frankly, thank goodness for that. Whilst some of these videos are amusing for all of around three minutes, the idiots who put themselves in perilous situations or decide to do disgusting and immoral #Neknominations should take full responsibility for that.

It’s not the fault of a silly drinking game, it’s the fault of the individuals if #Neknominations get out of hand.