Ron Pope at Rescue Rooms

Ron Pope returned to Nottingham last night to play his new album in front of a packed Rescue Rooms.

We got to meet the lovely Ron before the gig.  Not only does he enjoy a burrito and have the most luscious hair ever, he also loves The Tab.

Ron Pope loves The Tab

Ron Pope loves The Tab

Supported by Alexz Johnson and Wakey!Wakey!, it was a real American show. Michael Grubbs (he’s been on One Tree Hill) and Alexz sang a beautiful duet to close his set. Grubbs was very popular with the crowd but, in truth, everyone was really waiting for Ron.

Alexz and Grubbs: beautiful vocals

Opening with his new single ‘Lick my Wounds’, Ron had all the girls screaming with this new pop direction his music is taking. There were plenty of ‘woahwoahwoah’ moments and cool guitar riffs throughout that had the crowd singing along.

What followed was a mix of old stuff and songs from the new album. He told The Tab that the album tells the story of a relationship from beginning to end, so there were plenty of deep, emotional lyrics that the couples in the crowd seemed to love.



Ron came into his own when he returned to the stage alone for the encore, where he played some stripped back versions of the songs that made him internet-famous in the late 2000s. The salivating crowd got what they came for when he played his most well-known song, ‘A Drop in the Ocean’.


Try and catch Ron at one of the festivals over the summer and if not, surely Rock City should be on his horizons later this year?

Ron’s new single ‘Lick my Wounds’ is out March 10th and his album ‘Calling off the Dogs’ is out on Monday.