Singin’ in the Rain at Theatre Royal

The famous 1952 big screen musical Singin’ in The Rain has arrived at Theatre Royal and, just like the original, Jonathan Church has brought all of the effervescence and magic that we need.

After the three hours of continuous dancing and laughter, I dare you to leave the show without a grin.

The story begins in 1927. The age of silent movies is coming to an end, which leaves the blonde bombshell star Lina Lamont’s (Faye Tozer) career in jeopardy, partly due to her lack of talent, which is hilariously highlighted, but mainly due to her prominent New York accent.

Of course, it doesn’t help that Kathy (Amy Ellen Richardson) has her eyes and heart set on Lina’s leading man and leading role. But will the 1950’s equivalent to Brad Pitt, the dashing Don (Matthew Malthouse), help the aspiring Kathy?


Almost as many umbrellas as Nottingham city centre today

In a flurry of humorous songs and routines, the play propels along their journeys as they all aspire towards love, but most importantly fame. Cosmo (Stephane Anelli) brings a light humor that makes his character fit the endearing-best-friend role brilliantly.

It’s always difficult to replicate a classic, but Andrew Wright got it bang on – the creative dance routines made use of the entire stage and included the entire theatre – and the stalls to the dress circle were all dancing by the end. A particular number to look out for is the Gotta dance sequence; the garishly bright costumes, as well as the energetic number itself, brought summer to cold Notts.

Betty Comden and Adolph Green’s script is truthful and also inventive in regards to the classic. The side-splitting gags are still present, but with the filmed footage of the hilariously awful movie The Dueling Cavalier projected onto a screen, the classic has most certainly been updated which improves an already charismatic cast and script.

full cast

Bringing summer to cold Nottingham

As I left the show, I almost swung round the lamp post Gene Kelly style (but then I remembered myself and just got the 28 bus home). The staging, the glorious dance numbers and the comedic moments that made my stomach hurt from laughter; this play is a classic.

If it doesn’t send you tap dancing down Victoria high street then nothing will.

Singin’ in the Rain is on until Saturday February 15th, tickets start at £19 book here