Students slam debt sell-off

Notts students protest against student loan privatisation

Nottingham students will take part in a national week-long protest against the government’s plan to privatise student loans.

Over 50 campuses nationwide will see action this week, with uni rivalries quashed for the common cause.

The protests follow the government’s decision to sell a staggering £890m worth of student loans to a debt management consortium for just £160m last year.

Activists have called on Nottingham's Vice-Chancellor to oppose the sell off

Activists have called on Nottingham’s Vice-Chancellor David Greenaway to oppose the sell off

Students from activist groups such as the the Left Society have delivered an open letter to Vice-Chancellor Prof. David Greenaway demanding he oppose the sell-off.

A government report leaked last year revealed that to make student loans profitable, private firms would have to increase the cap on interest for repayments or do away with it altogether.

Some accuse Cameorn of having a pretty blinkered view on students

Some accuse Cameron of having a pretty blinkered view of students

Students in Exeter have already occupied a university building, as well as calling for the campaigning to be stepped up.

Not to be outdone by our beach-dwelling counterparts, a march from Portland has been planned this Friday to deliver a petition to the Vice-Chancellors office – if anyone actually knows where it is.

Nottingham Young Greens campaigning against the sell off (Market Square)

Nottingham Young Greens campaigning against the sell off (Market Square)

Calum McGregor, of the Nottingham Young Greens, slammed the proposed sell-off, saying: “Young people, as usual, are being sacrificed to guarantee profits for private firms.”

Next stop, No 10?

Portland now – Next stop, No 10?