According to the Girls: The Do’s and Dont’s of the Male Wardrobe

The guys got their say in the matter, but now it’s time to hear from the UoN girls. We have all their DO’S and DONT’S about the male wardrobe.

As picky as they are with their own fashion choices, girls are just as critical on what a guy is wearing.

With make-up a no-no and hair straighteners questionable, it’s harder for guys to pretend their good looking than it is for girls.

A bad outfit means a bad first impression, so guys, take heed and learn from this.

We asked as many girls as we could find for their opinion and were overwhelmed with responses.

We’ve narrowed it down for you to the most popular DO’S and DONT’S on male fashion.

The Do’s

Nice Jumpers

Less is more!

Sometimes effortless is better than trying too hard. A simple, elegant jumper can go a long way if you style it the right way.


Well-fitted Jeans

Not too skinny, not too baggy, it’s all about the perfect fit.



It’s a fact that guys in suits are 500% more attractive. Don’t mess with science.



Not exactly an item of the male wardrobe, but it just makes you guys look so much sexier.

We like our men to look like MEN. However, don’t go overboard – the pirate look is so four years ago.



Grrrr there is just something about them that gives off that “bad boy” quality we like.


The Dont’s

(Too) Skinny Jeans

Chicken legs are not attractive.

‘Leg envy’ should be restricted to cheerleaders and Candice Swanepoel, not our boyfriends: we want a guy to sweep us off our feet, and not be afraid that he will break when he does.


Lower than Low Trousers

It makes us think that guys are incapable of buying the right size clothes.

It might come as a shock, but we don’t want to see your ass and dirty pants, really.  And that ‘limp-pick-up-trouser’ walk is not cool, it is moronic.


LOUD Patterns

Where are we supposed to look first? One word, dizzy.



If only this trend hand ended with Ryan from The O.C.

We know, we know – ‘wifebeaters are cheap!’ you scream. But they look it too, and the sweat rings that usually come hand in hand with them are enough to make any girl run for cover.


Too Much Hair Gel

We love running our fingers through your hair – but not when they get stuck.

If you walk in and someone asks if it was raining outside, you know you’ve gone too far.


Low V-necks

There is nothing for you to show off guys, so stick to a subtle V-neck.

Leave the low V-necks to the girls and you won’t be disappointed.