The Ultimate Notts Post-Exams Bucket List

We would like to note that it is purely coincidental that most of these involve extreme consumption of alcohol and food.

Exams are long behind us and while you have some free time on your hands, The Tab has compiled a list of jaunts to keep you entertained, well fed and just a little bit drunk this semester.

1. Planning your anti-Valentines day

That infamous day is fast approaching, and for those of you who won’t be loved up on February 14th, it’s important to ensure you’re prepared for an alternative Valentines Day.

This could involve getting your fellow singletons together for a spot of afternoon tea, or perhaps a Bridget Jones inspired drinking game. And if all else fails, there’s always Tinder.

Who said romance is dead?

Cake is better than love.

Cake can’t get you pregnant.


Pretty sure this is a trick but still tempted.

Pretty sure this is a trick but still tempted.

2. Searching for the dream house you’ll never be able to afford

While initially searching for your first student house seems like the dream, after about 5 minutes the reality of damp, draughts and less than delightful landlords can make the whole thing a rather disheartening experience.

While many of you will have already signed for what can only be described as a furnished shithole, there might be some fun to be gained out of seeing how the other half live.


Well this is lush

Well, this is lush.

3. Wreaking havoc in Wollaton

Oh deer…

If you haven’t see that Fenton video we’ve provided it below. Why not take to Wollaton Park and hang out with the wildlife?

Note: ownership of a dog called Fenton is not compulsory. A hamster or a small willing housemate would also be appropriate substitutes.


4. Do a danger Campus 14

Every Notts student’s most beloved bar crawl, it’s not one to be missed.

But since Campus 14 is pretty much banned your mission is to restore it to it’s former glory. So, dust off your fancy dress, gather the troops and hit up some of the bars on campus for one last jolly.

campus 14

The Tab tried it, so should you.

5. Join a random new society

If you’ve traipsed around refreshers fair last week it was probably only for the dominoes pizza and freebies. But why not actually give a society a try?

From Hide and Soc to Sky diving, yes SKY DIVING – there’s tons to keep you on you toes this year.

You could even join The Tab, what, who said that?

Fly high and try something new

Fly high and try something new


6. Attempt a Tram Bar Crawl

Boarding this mysterious mode of transport is the secret fancy of many a Notts student. Like the meek unassuming cousin of the transport system, you sort of forget about trams until you’re in danger of being hit by one.

But why settle for just taking a simple pleasant tram ride when you could do the thing properly and gather a few mates for a tram bar crawl?

Extra points for transport-themed fancy dress.

The elusive tram in it's natural habitat

The elusive tram in it’s natural habitat

7. Neck and Nominate

For the bravehearts of drinking, live up to your name with this frankly mental drinking game that everyone and their dog seems to be having a go at.

The premise of Neck and Nominate is pretty simple: 1) Concoct a gut retching pint 2) Put as much chunder- inducing nasties into it as possible. Hello eggs. 3) Neck it in one 4) Nominate someone else to prove their alcohol consumption prowess.

The Tab’s very own Josh Kaplan shows us how its done:


8. Play flappy bird until you hate all wildlife

You’ve probably discovered how devastating this app this already but incase you haven’t and fancy a quiet, very long night in we’d thought we’d bring it to your attention.

This app has made a mockery of us all. HOW DO YOU GET MORE THAN 10 POINTS?

Help this girl

Bloody green pipes.

9. Plan the best summer anyone has ever had

If you’re anything like us, whilst “doing your seminar reading” (pfft)  you’ve been planning your summer, ever so slightly in advance.

It isn’t even all holidays and sandy beaches either, it’s music festivals; have you seen the Parklife line up?!

Expedia porn at it's finest.

Expedia porn at it’s finest.

10. Attempt the Mooch Terminator Challenge

If you’ve attempted even a fraction of the pursuits on this list, you’ve probably worked up a monster appetite.

At an eye-watering £15 quid, this bad boy burger of 11 layers doesn’t come cheap, but if you can take the heat you win a place on the coveted Mooch wall of fame and a £5 voucher.