Comedy Soc Presents: Gags and Pints with a Vengeance

The Den was occupied by UoN’s Comedy Society on Saturday night with headline act and BBC New Comedy Award winner Steve Bugeja.

The night started a little later than planned, but was compèred excellently throughout by Sean Morely. He offered a mixed bag of gags throughout the night, from Nazi iconography to the organisational skills required to force a horse to drink – apparently it involves a clamp.

No need to feel nervous about The Den Sean

No need to feel nervous about The Den Sean

Amongst the warm up acts were some real highlights: Nottingham regular Jack Boyles’ brand of lonely comedy, taking a look at a faltering love life in the Midlands, to Edy Hurst’s fast paced jokes, hilariously half arsed impressions and a Safety Dance inspired climax.

Russ Mulligan also featured but unfortunately delivered what felt like two very different sets being forced together, which ultimately seemed disjointed and missed its mark with a majority of the audience.

One last warm up act followed the interval, and Jack Evans offered an obvious step up in quality with a performance that felt much more confident and complete. Uncomfortable tales of ghostly incest worked the room perfectly and lifted the atmosphere ready for Bugeja’s headline performance.


@JackleWiseVans is a funny guy on Twitter too.

That, in itself, started in the only way a comedy show in Uni heartland should – with a prompt series of digs at Trent. Audience firmly on side, Bugeja’s act couldn’t fail and he proceeded to guide the audience through a fantastically self-defamatory routine with a friendly and engaging style.

Rowdy unay crowd

Rowdy unay crowd

With laughs from start to finish, don’t be surprised if you see Steve Bugeja popping up on the mainstream comedy circuit. You won’t be let down if you manage to see him live first.

Follow some of the acts from Gigs & Pints on Twitter:

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