Council wins plan to ban street drinking

Police can now ask you to stop drinking in the street – unless you’re having a picnic of course…

Nottingham City Council have successfully banned street drinking across all areas in the city.

The ban will give police and community support officers discretionary powers to confiscate your alcohol if you do not stop drinking when asked to.

It will stretch across all areas of the city – including Lenton – unless your drinking is ‘responsible’ or you’re having a picnic… (us too).

Council Leader Jon Collins was happy the ban had been enforced after success in the rest of the city.

He told the Nottingham Post: “The order is about tackling crime and anti-social behaviour, including nuisance and disorder around where people live, work and spend time.”

Plastic cups - must be a picnic...

Plastic cups – must be a picnic…

A former University of Nottingham student, Phoebe Harkin, questioned how easy it would be to enforce the ban.

She said: “I can understand what the police are trying to do but it will be hard to enforce, and if its discretionary what will stop people from lying?”

This new ban is not anything out of the ordinary and already exists in some areas of the city.

Over 10,000 people are supporting this ban after a council meeting was held by Jon Collins the council leader.

Katie from Clifton campus spoke to The Tab. She said: “I think it’s a very good idea, the area that I originally come from this has already happened and it allows it be a much pleasant environment without anyone feeling intimidated. This city is not just for students it’s for everyone else too”.

Many people have different views about this ban, some for it and some against it. Penalties will be faced for those who get caught for the offence will have to pay £50-500 on the spot as well as a prosecution.