Trent students pretend to steal a bike – no one cares

Check out the depressing video below

Quirky Trent students have conducted a worrying experiment which shows just how little Nottingham locals care about crime.

A couple of students pretended to steal a bike from the town centre whilst timing how long it would take for someone to stop and ask what they were doing.


“Want a hand, mate?”

Depressingly, it took up to three minutes for passers-by to confront our polytechnic heroes, after countless others had brushed past without thinking twice.

This is especially concerning considering the fact that the natural assumption would be that the Trent kids were actually trying to nick the bikes, am I right?!

Just chilling

Just chilling

As the number of bike thefts rises, the experiment paints a sorry picture of the supposedly crime-aware locals. Maybe Nottingham isn’t the crime-free haven of joy we all thought it was?

You can check out the video below: