The grass is greener at Notts

The University of Nottingham beats 301 unis to be named greenest in the world

Nottingham is the greenest university in the world, according to a recent study.

After coming first in 2011, the uni has once again topped the Greenmetric rankings. As the news spreads, Nottingham bigwigs are expected to plaster the result all over this year’s sustainably sourced prospectuses.

Notts uni's 'eco-house' #NottsForGreenestUni2015

Notts uni’s ‘eco-house’ #NottsForGreenestUni2015

The 2013 rankings considered 6 categories, including waste management and water usage, leaving Notts on top. Universities as far away as Namibia and Egypt took part in the annual survey which spans 61 countries.

The rankings found that the uni’s campus sustainability and environmentally friendly management had improved significantly in recent years.

...looks like the grass really is greener at notts

…looks like the grass really is greener at notts

In 2012-13, only 8% of the uni’s 3520 tonnes of waste went to a landfill.

However, the findings don’t make it clear what proportion of this waste was unnecessary night-club flyers.

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Apparently the judges never made it to Science City…

Whilst this is obviously great news for everyone here at Nottingham, we can only hope the folks over at Trent aren’t too green with envy.