Prof Wars: Scouse Boff Calls Notts Prof ‘Dracula’

Mars and Coca-Cola’s paid adviser shouldn’t work for government on sugar guidelines, says Liverpool prof


Valiant … Ian Macdonald

A lippy Liverpool lecturer has started a WAR OF WORDS with one of Nottingham’s most beloved professors.

Our very own Ian Macdonald has been branded “DRACULA” by Liverpool University’s Simon Capewell in one of the most shocking attacks of the year.

Unbelievably, the Liverpool professor thinks it’s a “scandal” that Nottingham hero Macdonald chairs a government panel which investigates the health impact of sugar consumption whilst working for Coca Cola and Mars at the same time.

“I am shocked,” Capewell said. “This is a scandal for public health. It’s like putting Dracula in charge of a blood bank. It’s clearly an outrageous conflict of interest.”

Now, we at The Tab hate to be pedantic, but it’s technically not like putting Dracula in charge of a blood bank, as Professor Macdonald isn’t trying to eat all the sugar himself. It’s more like putting Piers Morgan in charge of press regulations, or Luis Suarez joining the FA’s anti-diving unit.

I-Mac actually resigned from a role with Coca-Cola and Mars in similar circumstances in 2009, but he makes a strong argument that his paid employment with these two sugar-based companies does NOT represent a conflict of interests.

Simon Capewell, meanie

Meanie … Simon Capewell

Macdonald said: “I do understand people saying, ‘You are so close to those companies you should not have anything to do with gathering the evidence for UK policy to be decided’. I just disagree.”