Notts Student Flies Video Camera Over Campus

Check out the amazing video


The video was made by 22 year-old student Sam Wordsworth, who is currently doing a Masters in Chemistry but is working off-campus for Mars as a research scientist.

He filmed it with a GoPro camera attached to a craft worth over £1000.

Sam told The Tab: “The video was really just a way to test my new equipment. It was a nice day and campus is one of the most beautiful places in Nottingham. It’s a little shaky because it was my first time flying the craft and I didn’t want to crash it into the Trent clock tower. Hopefully I will be able to get it out to The Alps soon – that’s what I had in mind when I first bought it.”

You can follow Sam's work on Facebook

You can follow Sam’s work on Facebook

As well as his studies, Sam is currently “working on developing a collaboration company between creative media artists of different formats.

“The next month or so should see the launch of our brand new website and social media platform, which will have heavy ties to Facebook, twitter, pinterest etc,” he said.

“Together with 5 others, mainly from UoN, we will be working together to see if we can make a full time career out of creative media.”

You can follow Sam’s work here: