The 10 worst things we saw online this Christmas

We all know that humanity is at their worst when sat behind a keyboard – and nothing changes in the festive season.

Lots of bad things happen during the festive season: deadlines arrive, Christmas songs invade the radio, brussels sprouts make their annual appearance.

However, a few things have stood out in the worst way.

We bring you a mash-up of multimedia massacres: here are the ten worst internet dwelling shockers that the Tab saw this Christmas.

1. This E-card:

The Hunger Lames: Catching a Cold

The Hunger Lames Part 2: Catching a Cold

There’s probably not so much to celebrate if you live in District 12 – no wonder Peeta looks so pissed off.

2. This woman’s sad confession:

I think

I think messyjessie0917 might be home alone too

Save a thought for those unfortunate souls reduced to watching Christmas movies on a loop this year.

3. This Bar advert:

I think I'll pass

I think I’ll pass

Well this isn’t doing anything to help us forget the paedophilic Santa stereotype…

4. Neither is this costume:


Like some kind of bizarre Christmas cosplay

Actually this might be scarier than Santa’s sweaty bulge.

5. This year’s poor Christmas chart offerings:


*Cue screaming teenage girls*


6. This Coronation Street advert:


Never has hanging baubles been so sexual

The only thing that could make this more cringey is mistletoe – you’ve clearly missed a trick here Corrie advertisers.

7. This Geordie Shore advert:


Why does Santa’s hat have to be photoshopped, could you not afford a real one?

Not sure which is worse: this advert or the fact that Geordie Shore is coming back.

8. This turkey costume:



Anyone who wears this and gets cooked alive deserved what was coming to them.

9. This photo:

Santa has a weak bladder

Santa has a weak bladder

Christmas decoration 101: drape the lights around the railings.

10: And this one too:

Someone got a bit excited with the decorating

Someone got a bit excited with the Christmas decorating

Christmas decoration 102: avoid the palm tree!

And here is the best thing we saw this Christmas:

Our feelings exactly

Our thoughts exactly