Hasselhoff guest edits Nottingham Post

“Don’t you worry. It’s gonna be ok,” the Hoff tells local paper.

The Hoff has guest edited the Nottingham Post in his phase of Midland’s domination.

After taking a dip in the Ocean, making waves in Oceana, and prancing around as Captain Hook, the Baywatch star is on a mission to turn Nottingham into a permanent fan base, much like Germany.

Sir David, as he’s known in these parts, arrived by chauffer driven car at Post towers Thursday afternoon.

Mike Sassi (editor of the Post) and The Hoff (@MikeSassi)

Mike Sassi (editor of the Post) and The Hoff (taken by Angela Ward)

He gave his views on all things Nottingham, saying: “The city is like a pot pourri. Everyone is just getting along.”

During his time as editor, he also sampled some local stilton – he said he loved it.

The combination of events has led many to question David’s sense of smell.

Matt Page

Matt Page (matthewpagephotography.com)

Earlier this week, the Post reported that a sapling from the oldest tree in Notts will be given to Hasselhoff. The Major Oak is over 800 years old and is visited by over 500,000 people a year.

It will be presented to the Hoff along with the rest of the cast of the Peter Pan panto. No one quite knows why. Touch wood he gets it to grow.

The Peter Pan panto runs until 12 January at the Theatre Royal.

Here’s the Hoff wowing the Ocean crowd…