Video: death-defying nudity – for a can of coke

How far would you go for a can of Coke? Two Notts students brave sub-zero temperatures for the ultimate hangover cure.

Two scantily-clad students were spotted sprinting across Derby Road yesterday.


The treacherous trip was undertaken in the name of one vital commodity – an icy cold can of Coke.

Vivek Patel told The Tab that following the Market Bar all-nighter, hangover sweats had ensued and his housemates had been wandering around in boxers all day.

Deciding that the only cure was Coke, Vivek decided to head to Sainsbury’s to stock up.


His struggling housemates begged for generosity, each asking him to provide them with a can of the good stuff…

And so the games began.

Vivek promised both third year students, Gabe (Electrical Engineering) and Dave (Maths) that they could have one if they passed a test.

Both Dave and Gabe were told to run across a traffic laden Derby Road, touch a tree, and run back.

The catch – no shoes or outerwear allowed.  Underpants only.

tree touch smaller

It begs the question – would it not have been easier to just walk to Sainsbury’s themselves and buy a can?

Verdict: boys are stupid.