Campus Style: Architecture Studios

This week Campus Style heads to the Architecture studios.

As one of the most time-taxing courses at university, architecture students often go for days on just a few hours of sleep, practically living in studio.

However, they still manage to pull off a fashionable outfit.

This week the Tab Fashion team headed down to the studios to capture the best archi looks.

Were you spotted?

Oliver’s busy architect lifestyle is depicted perfectly in this outfit with his unbuttoned Oxford shirt.

He adds in a simple Tee, jeans and boots to complete this casual campus look.


Oliver Beddard, 3rd Year, House of Fraser Boots

Emilia’s whole look is a winner.

We don’t know what we like best, her coat? Her rolled up jeans? Her shoes? Or that hint of her blue socks underneath? We love it all!


Emilia Zipis, 3rd Year, Debenhams Coat

Christmas jumpers needn’t always be tacky, and Charlie shows us just that.

Pairing his Christmas style jumper with light wash jeans and brown boots he manages to embrace the season and look stylish all at once.


Charlie Harris, 2nd Year, Zara Boots

A great example of letting one item take the stage is Saskias furry parka.

It dominates this look and to let it do it’s job, the rest of her outfit is made up of tones of grey.


Saskia Collins, 2nd Year, Coat

Red makes it’s appearance in “Campus Style” again.

This time Laurence goes for a layered look, but his plaid shirt and red beanie are the ones that stand out.


Laurence Flint, 3rd Year, Barbour Jacket

Denim seems to forever be a favorite fashion choice, and for good reason.

Jacob wears his denim jacket over a grey hoodie for an added edge. The outfit is complete with the combination with a simple white tee and black jeans.

Becky rocks the monocrome trend adding her own personal twist to it. Is it sporty, preppy, classic, we are not sure but we like the result!


Jacob Stapleton, 3rd Year, Topman Jacket
Becky Floyd, 3rd Year, Top bought in Australia

Krishan combines red, green and black in this outfit to achieve the perfect laid back outfit.

The plain sweatshirt keeps things casual, whilst the New Balances do much to inject a spot of brightness into the outfit.


Krishan Pilch, 3rd Year, Vintage Coat

Constantina’s uniqueness is her minimal look is all in the details.

The fur on the jumper gives it an edge, while her studded boots complete the outfit.


Constantina Avraamides, 3rd Year, Topshop Jumper

Black and blue is a hard combination to pull off, but Calven did it.

His white blouse adds that classic touch that makes his outfit “Campus Style” worthy.


Calven Lee, 2nd Year, Topman Jacket

The combination of her green trousers and burgundy top would not be complete without the blouse underneath.

However, her tribal was the key to finishing off her outfit perfectly.


Tyler Gordon, 4th Year, River Island Headband

It doesn’t get simpler than jeans and a jumper, but there is something about the simplicity that gives this look it’s own style.

Also adds the comfort factor for those long hours spent in the studio, thumbs up from us!


Benjamin Oakley, 3rd Year, Fruit of the Loom Jumper

Carolyn steps back from a total black look, by going for a soft lilac toned shirt.

That way, the focus goes to her fabulous coat.


Carolyn Kirschner, 3rd Year, Zara Coat