Deck your Halls: The Best and Worst of Student Decorations

Christmas is coming, students are getting fat; please put a penny in Karni’s hat.

There’s no denying it, December is well and truly here and you’ve been decking your halls in force.

The Tab have picked out the good, the bad and the ugly of these festive fancies.

1. The ‘Improvised’ Tree

We all want to decorate (go on, admit it) but of course lack of finances/space/pine tree forests limits us some what.

Enter the improvised student decorations, dangling tinsel over any available surface and ensnaring battery operated fairy lights around bookshelves.

You never know, they might give off a little heat in these cold winter struggles.

That ain't no tree

Rockin’ around the Christmas bookshelf

2. The ‘Classic’

One of these house members must have a car. Or the strength of an ox.

For the rest of us mere student mortals we can only simper at their impressive tree whilst turning fir-y green with envy.



3. The ‘Poor Effort’

This looks like it belongs in a sad corner of a  B&Q warehouse.

But the truth is, decorating Christmas trees is a massive effort. And there are deadlines and shit to be getting on with.

Stick a tree up, that will do. If we’re only at uni for another week anyway, what’s the point?

Bare-y Christmas

Bare-y Christmas

4. The ‘Novelty’

Why limit your festive creativity to your home?

Students are getting in the spirit of Christmas in any which way they can, from angel earrings to garish Christmas jumpers but our favourite has got to be the tacky-but-brilliant Rudolph Mini.


Won’t you drive my sleigh tonight?

5. Deck the Walls

Another option of decorating can be playing with fire on getting your house deposit back and sticking blu-tacked decorations all over the walls.

Have a heart, Mr Scrooge Landlord, it is Christmas (nearly).

This particular lot are suffering from Movember withdrawal symptoms…Need to move on to Decembeard!

Hairy Christmas

Hairy Christmas


6. The ‘Saw it on Pinterest’

Certain crafty individuals will feel the need to flex their muscles and post all origami efforts onto Instagram.

Pro: Making paper snowflakes happens to be an excellent alternative method of procrastinating.

Con: glitter all over your floor, which sticks to your socks, then gets in your laundry and ends up in the shower; inescapable.

Nailed it


7. The ‘Random Object’

Like magpies to shiny things are students to random objects obtained on night’s out.

But why stop there with their entertaining qualities? Your traffic cone can become a Christmas tree and a mannequin torso is obviously sexy Santa.

Just make sure it doesn’t get re-nicked by visiting friends…that random objects is YOURS.

Santa baby...

Santa baby…