Take your marks – brand new sports facilities for Notts on the way.

Nottingham University has gained permission to build two new sports pavilions at the Riverside Sports Complex.

£4.8 million will be spent replacing the old, outdated facilities currently existing on the development.


One of the swanky new pavilions to be built

The new pavilions are part of the university’s £50m development programme which began earlier this year, and thirty-eight new changing rooms and viewing galleries are planned for the use of uni sports teams.

The programme’s aim is to to provide a campus with world-class facilities for both current and future students.


Watch out Loughborough

Dr Paul Greatrix, Registrar at the University, said: “The new pavilions are great news.

‘‘Sport is important to many of our students during their time at university and we want to ensure that when they come to Nottingham that we can offer them excellent facilities.”

Richard Wigginton, senior capital projects officer at the University of Nottingham, said: “The pavilions are attractive but pragmatic and will enhance the site and provide first class facilities for many years to come.”

Construction is expected to begin in the new year.