Christmas saved for Bumbling Bilborough student

Local electronics shop saves Christmas for teen who spent £450 on a piece of paper

A local branch of popular chain CEX has come to the rescue of one Nottingham student by giving him an Xbox One after an eBay scam.

In a shameless publicity stunt, staff at the Nottingham branch of CEX have decided to take pity on 19 year-old Peter Clatworthy, after he paid £450 for a piece of paper and a despicable £8 for delivery, even though it was stated on the eBay description that he was indeed purchasing a photo.

You'd think for £450 they'd use a fresh ink catridge

You’d think for £450 they’d use a fresh ink catridge

Simple Pete’s story not only caught the attention of local business owners, readers worldwide learnt of his story and although the response was largely one of surprise at Mr Clatworty’s naivety, there were some sympathetic voices. Most notably, the folks at eBay gave the poor guy a full refund.


Cex deputy manager saving Christmas, one idiot at a time

However, CEX took it one step further. In an attempt to see justice done and get themselves some cheap pre-Christmas buzz, they gave our bumbling hero one of the last consoles in Nottingham, which Clatworthy alleges is for his son. The manager of the branch said: ‘We as a company are always looking to do a good thing for somebody. Hopefully Peter and his son will both be able to enjoy this together.’

Tearing up a £450 piece of paper like its nothing.

Hard man Pete tearing up a £450 piece of paper like it’s nothing.

Not everyone was left feeling warm and fuzzy though, users on the Gaming forums of popular discussion website Reddit were less than impressed with CEX’s approach. One tyneside user even remarked: “Personally if I heard about a store that rewards morons who do shit like this, I’d avoid them.”