The 9 Worst Things To Happen Before A 9am

From the frustrating to the downright weird, here are the nine worst things to happen before a 9am lecture

1. The Snooze Button

A student’s own worst enemy and harder to resist than a Friday night in Ocean. Guaranteed to make you late no matter how well you prepare in advance…


Optimistic but simply not happening


2.  Bathroom hoggers

It’s important to savour every last moment in bed before a 9am. Leaving getting up until the last possible second is a great idea until your housemate steals the bathroom just before you…


3.  Empty fridge

The unexplained disappearance of your milk, your bread and your cereal; when it comes to breakfast, the contents of your fridge shelf are obviously communal.

Guess its Dr Pepper on my pesto cornflakes then.

Guess its Dr Pepper on my pesto cornflakes then.

4. The Downs 

Sold to you on your Open Day as a great way of keeping fit, climbing ‘Bitch Hill’ is in fact a daily form of torture. And apparently it is unacceptable to have a rest halfway…


5.  The ‘34’ bus

Lenton’s answer to the London Underground and almost certainly more overcrowded. It is almost guaranteed that three will drive past before you are able to flag one down. Seriously, where do all these students come from?

We all know there's a double decker 34 that exists, why not use that!?

We all know there’s a double decker 34 that exists, why not use that!?

 6.   The return of the noisy house/hall mates

So you’ve resisted the temptation to go out with your friends so you can be fresh for your 9am. But of course, that won’t stop them stumbling into your room at 3am to order pizza.

Pipe the fuck down.

Pipe the fuck down.


7. The Fire Alarm 

It is inevitable while living in Halls that some nights you will be dragged from your nice warm bed and into the freezing cold because some joker thought it would be hilarious to set the fire alarm off. And you can bet it will be the days when you actually have to get up in the morning.

fire alarm


8.  The permanent marker facepaint

While that comedy moustache, set of whiskers or even worse drawn on your face looked bloody great at last night’s social, you can guarantee it won’t wash off in the morning. A treat for everyone in your lecture.

You can barely notice it.

You can barely notice it.

9.  The walk of shame

Whether we want to admit it’s happened to us or not, we all know someone who’s woken up in an unfamiliar bed. Not the most ideal start if you intend to still make it to your 9am, especially if you don’t have time to go home and change beforehand (yes I think we all know that’s not your jumper).

Oh dear...

Oh dear…