Rah-O-Meter: How Rah Are You?

Do you spend your weekends partridge shooting or Instagramming your Cow purchases?

To the surprise of no-one, Nottingham recently topped university rahnkings for numbers of private school students.

But how do you fit in? Countless interviews and surveys* have been conducted so that we can answer just that. Take our test and find out!

*Not really.

Which is your favourite club night?

A – Ocean; just like a Big Mac, it makes you feel dirty after but damn was it good at the time!

B – Crisis @ Rock City; fueled by jaegerbombs and testosterone, guaranteed to provide amusing photos.

C – Vice @ Coco Tang; pretentious and full of dauntingly attractive people, but the toblerone cocktail is orgasmic.

D – Don’t ask me that; I’m far too busy studying to think about going out!

E – Something I’ve probably never heard of.


You’re going clothes shopping in town, where do you go first?

A – Primark; probably best not to think about why everything is so damn cheap.

B – Zara; one of those places that’s expensive but you can never figure out why.

C – Jack Wills; nowhere else has such an extensive collection of oversized knitwear.

D – You get all your clothes online from ASOS.

E – Cow/some other vintage place; cheap and highly instagrammable!


You’re tight for cash, what do you do?

A – Stay at home and restrict your diet to basics tinned spaghetti.

B – Forbid yourself from taking your card out when you go clubbing.

C – Not a situation you’ve ever thought about.

D – Phone up your mum or dad and get a ‘loan’.

E – Take up a job selling tickets for Stealth.


You’ve got a day off from lectures, what do you do?

A – Go to the savoy and use the free film ticket from the chlamydia test you did at Cripps.

B – Drag yourself to the gym.

C – Either polo or lacrosse training.

D – Shopping and cooking; all your friends are coming round later for a dinner party!

E –You spend your time blogging, tweeting and uploading selfies to Instagram.


Where are you most likely to go on holiday?

A – I can’t afford that!

B – Drinking holiday at Malaga with the lads/lasses.

C – Going to volunteer in Burma to help those not as fortunate as myself

D – To the rural family home in France.

E – Paris; you’re dying to go to all the vintage flea markets and cafes you’ve heard about!


Add up the number of each letter you got to find out how rah you are:

Mostly A’s:

Not rah at all. Like the average student, you spend most of your time either broke or slightly less broke. You love good, cheap fun, and who can argue against that?


Mostly B’s:

You’re quite rah. Probably part of the sports socials world. You love your labels even if you can’t always afford them.

Picture 3 Rah

Mostly C’s

You’re as rah as they get, your best friends all have double-barreled surnames and your idea of saving money is swapping Armani for Fred Perry. Everyone loves to hate you, but you’re pretty sure they’re just jealous.


Mostly D’s

You’re one of the lucky few that can rely on the Bank of Mum and Dad but keep quiet about it. You’re here to get a good degree and to bake a few souffles while you’re at it. And the odd glass of wine, go on then.

go on then

Mostly E’s

You’re edgy as fuck. In some ways you’re the anti-rah; you have a keen understanding of class consciousness and you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing Hollister.

OK Honey