How To Wear Christmas Jumpers

Christmas is a time for outfit forgiveness, and we should embrace that with open arms

The well-know gym-shy grandad has made his yearly journey back to our television screens; holding a bottle of Coca-Cola in an all red number, he stands to communicate one thing only – that being: the Christmas season is upon us.

It’s a period of nationwide pregnancy, where all men women and children eat for two. It’s a time for lazy days filled with Home Alone movies and a time of fashion recess, where all can sport ghastly sweaters fitting for the season – Christmas is a time to spend with family and enjoy the beats of life on the carols of Santa Clause.

Here at The Tab, we feel that this short period of outfit forgiveness should be embraced with open arms.

Here are some examples as to how:

Nothing says it’s Christmas like a bright green Christmas tree. This jumper comes with a tidy sound device, providing tunes to fill in any silences at Christmas dinner. We do hope you enjoy jingle bells, however, as that’s the only track option.

We’ve opted to accompany the jumper with a turtleneck but it would work just as well when worn alone. Throw in some dark coloured jeans and boots to complete the look.


Rudolph plays a lead role in the delivery of gifts, and for that reason alone it’s only right he feature in your Christmas wardrobe. In a navy blue, this piece of knitwear welcomes a host of trouser combination from jeans to corduroys. The splash of red provided by his nose gives a much-needed touch of life to the jumper.

This look is smartened up with dress shoes and a crisp white oxford shirt. The black jeans act to keep the focus on Rudolph.

photo 2-8

For the confused love child of Miss’ Clause and Grinch, we present to you the half-baked Christmas jumper. With some Christmas style print at the top, it’s season appropriate whilst still fitting effortlessly into everyday wear.

The greys, reds and yellows in the jumper sit well with the blacks and browns of the jeans and penny loafers. The outfit is smartened up somewhat with the inclusion of a white oxford shirt, making it Christmas dinner appropriate.


There’s no better way to show your appreciation of a clothing gift than to actually wear it. So this Christmas, when your grandma hands you a handmade jumper, don’t just smile and say thank you – actually put it on!

Some jumpers are just too special to be accompanied by other items. With some skinny jeans and brown brogues, we found grandma’s yearly knit – in a weird way – sort of worked.

photo 3-4