Notts Students Hassel The Hoff

Baywatch hero comes to Oceana – it was Hoff the hook

World famous megastar David Hasselhoff delighted Nottingham students by appearing at Oceana last night.

The Hoff made a big splash with his guest appearance, as hundreds of students flocked to baywatch him parade around in a classic ‘Don’t Hassel The Hoff’ t-shirt.

Big Dave leading the crowd in a rendition of the Baywatch theme tune

Big Dave leading the crowd in a rendition of the Baywatch theme tune (@oceana_notts)

Although the BGT judge has an estimated net worth of $110 million following his lead roles in Baywatch and Knight Rider, this public outing was surely one of the highlights of his career.

Surprisingly, the Hoff’s dip in the Oceana wasn’t the only reason for his visit to Nottingham. The 61 year-old is also starring as Captain Hook in the Nottingham Theatre Royal’s Peter Pan pantomime, and he’s looking forward to getting to know the city.

“You’ll see me in and about Nottingham,” he told the Nottingham Post. “I’m not a recluse.”


David’s going to draw in an Hoff-ful lot of spectators

If you’re on the Hoff lookout, he says he will be wearing a hat (not red Speedos) as part of his cunning disguise. Whilst it remains unclear whether pretending to drown in the Market Square fountain will draw him out of hiding, The Tab doesn’t recommend it.

Although alcohol may well have played a part in the relentless Hoff-love, the student reaction to David’s appearance was overwhelmingly positive. One lucky lady even landed herself a David Hasselsnog:

hoff kiss

life made


Third year Management Studies student James Lewis said: “The Hoff was making a cheeky plug for his panto and sang ‘Jump In My Car’ and the Baywatch theme with great energy for a man in his 60s! It was great to do the Baywatch tradition with the man himself, even though, despite a lot of chanting, he still wouldn’t join in the de-shirting.”

Oceana are becoming well-known for their celebrity guests. Not only has the Hoff graced their fine establishment, Made in Chelsea party boys Proudlock and Jamie Laing also appeared there last month.

In full voice

In full voice

always prepared

Always prepared

Sunglasses indoors? What on Hoff was he thinking?

Sunglasses indoors? What on Hoff was he thinking?