How To wear Uni stash

We would have done a ‘When to: wear Stash’, but the answer was too obvious – EVERYWHERE, gotta rep Uni of even when you sleep

Shorts that work on the field and Derby Road, hoodies that make for casual campus attire, formal ties that sit well in a casual club setting – University stash is just so everyday wear.

From shorts to long synthetic tracksuit bottoms, The Tab Fashion provides you with an all inclusive ‘how to’ guide on University stash.


Where shorts are concerned, it’s more a case of ‘where to?’ The Tab recommends any public place full of women.

Such a display of manliness will ensure you tot up a healthy amount of cool points- these can be redeemed at Crisis and other popular club nights.

Prizes include kisses from females you can probably do a lot better than, and of course an array of photo opportunities with girls who won’t remember you in the morning.

shorts ting

Disclaimer: these shorts have been worn in a casual manner strictly for the purpose of this photo.


Originally meant for away games and formals, club ties have evolved in their use, graduating to the role of loyal Crisis wingman. We recommend you wear it with a white oxford shirt – pale blue is never as sharp.

Unbutton your top button and loosen it a little as to communicate the message to others that your social was in fact rather wild.


“Tough match today. We Won. Let’s go home for some congratulations.”


The official Tab position on the tracksuit zip is to leave it wide open at all times.

This will drastically reduce the time it’ll take for a full kit wardrobe change in the event of a stranger screaming ‘catch’ as they throw a ball your way.

Accompany them with some cheap flip-flops – after all that training, your toes deserve some down time.


Flip-flops outdoors in November – what’s not to love?


There’s no better way to let prospective love interests know of your athletic abilities than with a hoodie clearly stating so.

Sports hoodies are the equivalent of the American College baseball jacket – wear yours with pride.

We recommend you team it up with some jeans and fresh trainers to adequately project your ‘jock’ image.


“I will steal your girlfriend” – anonymous ‘jock’

photo 3-3