Societies We’d Like To See

With our SU currently boasting over 200 societies, you’d think every need would be catered for….

With our SU currently boasting over 200 societies, you’d think every need would be catered for.  

From the weird and wonderful Harry Potter Soc, the quaint and lovely Kettle Soc to the kind of saucy Massage Soc, there seems to be a society for every occasion.

But what about the guilty pleasures we aren’t admitting to having? What about the strange hobbies we all have that could be put to a much better use?

The Tab proposes several societies that we’d all secretly like to see.

1. Cheesy Pop Society

you cannot sit with us


  • Meeting up and jamming to all those classic boy band tunes.
  • Classes devoted to learning the dance routines to all of The Backstreet Boys videos.
  • Movie night’s watching Spice World.
  • Poster swapping evenings where you can trade pin-ups of your favourite pop icons. 


  • One Direction Welfare: deals with those who can’t cope with not having Harry Styles in their life 
  • Playlist co-ordinator: must have a vast collection of Now That’s What I Call Music cds

2. Beer Pong Society

beer pong


  • Epic games of Beer Pong
  • Live matches in arena, aim to become part of Varsity
  • Welcomes diversity, Wine Pong and Sourz Pong suggested as fun alternatives to the classic game.


  • Official referee: for when all those rues get challenged, this man lays down the law.
  • Lash treasurer: in charge  of all equipment, both liquid and otherwise for the beautiful game.

3. James Bond Society

james bond


  • Similar to Assasins’ Society in Durham , members are involved in a secret missions and tasks to help protect the University from ‘threat’
  • Socials in spy-like scenarios like casinos or abseiling down Portland
  • All members must own a tux. Female members too.
  • Cocktail classes compulsory – shaken not stirred.


  • Q: digital representative, in charge of hacking Moodle and destroying the  UNLOC system. Oh and advertising socials on Facebook. 
  • M: a position of great responsibility and must also have the Dench’s dry wit

4. Old Skool Consoles Society



  • Digging out the old N64, PS1 and Gameboys for some hard-core geeking out
  • Bar crawls dressed as Pokemon/Spyro/Rayman/Sonic
  • Socials at Bring Your Own Bangerz at Bodega where you can play Tony Hawkes and Shoot the Ducks!


  • IT Man: has a 24/7 helpline in case your precious console finally gives up 
  • First aider: On hand for any repetitive strain injuries

5. Puppy Society



  • Fairly self-explanatory, find puppies and play with them. 
  • Fund-raisers to get a Puppy Room in Portland Building a la Aberdeen
  • Annual trip to Battersea Dog Home


  • Dog walker: Must be extremely fit and able to detangle retractable leashes
  • Pooper Scooper: Sounds like a grim job but its puppy poo. As poo goes it’s the cutest type.

6. Proscrastination Society



  • A society everybody can relate to.  Members can collaborate in their time-wasting bringing new ideas each week
  • GAMES: Wikipedia links game, desk chair races and so many more…
  • PROCRASTIBAKING: Cupcakes that look like library books…
  • PROCRASTICLEANING: Go round each other’s houses and tidy the shit out of it.


  • We’ll sort that out tomorrow…