Round the Clock Shadow: Movember, Episode 3

The Tab pits three close friends against each other in the race for male dominance and facial extravagance. Hold onto your handlebars, it’s episode 3.

Three weeks, 27 protein shakes, 4.5 vitamin bottles, 42 hours of grooming and 2.5 hours of dedicated ‘stare outs’ down and the competition faces its penultimate weigh in.

Described by one commentator as the most “influential incident in contemporary society since Marx picked up a pen”, the pressure on these three post-pubescent undergrads has been unmistakably high.

Far from shirking their responsibility or withering under the lights, they have embraced both the competition and their stake in modern history.

Let’s get ’em into the bear pit…

Weigh in Number 3:


Dom week 3

The ‘Who’s your Daddy?’


Jose week 3

The ‘Missing Mousquetaire’


James week 3

The ‘Leave it Dave, she ain’t Worth it’.

Alright, so they’re not running a marathon, or over a box on the Thames (health and safety precluded this author from suggesting a combination of the two), but they are doing it for a damn good cause. Help ’em out:

Stay tuned for a climactic conclusion in Episode 4…