Notts in GIFS: Deadlines

Deadlines. They’re coming.

It’s the end of November and deadlines are looming…

will smith

Panic has started, doom is impending, and everyone’s starting to get a little bit antsy

panic cat

Particularly when someone says they finished their essay last week


Multiple deadlines are closing in all at once, and self control is futile.


Stress eating becomes the only feasible coping mechanism

thanksgiving dog

You celebrated Thanksgiving to procrastinate, but you have no idea what the holiday celebrates


Unwanted people start coming up to you in Hallward


You start to compete with your housemates about who has it worse, and revision rage gets the better of you

spenny slapped

Someone suggests a night out, and it seems like a good idea… what even are deadlines? CAN’T HOLD YOU DOWN

crazy pills

You wake up in the morning and realise what you’ve done…


Sympathy is vital, but your housemates have become work zombies too


So all they can come with is the infuriatingly useless phrase: ‘You’ll be fiiiiine!’

taylor swift

But then, suddenly, AN EPIPHANY! The elusive ‘essay flow’ has come in in the nick of of time

smashing it

You lift your bibliography off wikipedia. It’s like a CV, no one checks that shit


Smug and superior, you casually tell a friend that you’ve finished


Suddenly, there’s too much time in the day… after all that productivity, delirium hits happy pug

So you do what any self-respecting student would do and revert back to festering.

what we should be doing