11 things you’ll only understand if you’re a Notts LGBT student

We’d just like to queer a few things up.

1. Lots of people still have no idea what LGBT actually stands for.


It’s not a charity and it’s certainly not a sandwich filling.


2. Pounded is the best Wednesday night.

Sorry, Crisis, but your drinks aren’t all £1 and your smoking area isn’t all that bants.



3. NG1 is full of creepers.


But this just serves to remind us of how not to grow old disgracefully.


4. Anywhere else on the scene is either closed down or will be very soon.

It was a ticking clock.

It was a ticking clock.


5. Grindr is full of interesting characters.


6. The best cake on campus is to be found at Queer Café.


7. Spanky Van Dykes has nothing to do with LGBT, but it’s still awesome.


Fab food, great atmosphere and, more importantly, it has ‘Dykes’ in the name.

8. “So I’ve got this friend… ” 


Here we go again.

9. Open relationships are a thing.

Just sex

10. You’ve been a ‘beard’:

AKA feigning a relationship so the persistent creeper that’s hitting on your friend gives up.

She's mine

11. ‘Never Have I Ever’ is a cruel, cruel mistress.