The Hairy Harem: Movember, Episode 2

The Tab pits three close friends against each other in the race for male dominance and facial extravagance. Hold onto your handlebars, it’s episode 2.

It’s been one week. You’ve got to know them, now lets see what they could do on the ugly battle field of competitive hair growth.

It became clear that each contestant was deadly serious.  Brought together by the cosmic forces of time and fate for one purpose and one purpose only; to grow hair.

Once the seriousness of each contestant had been scoped, the post-pubescent boys went to great lengths to outflank the opposition.

Many hours were spent in the library, pouring over known research and academic authority in a desperate bid to ensure they could grow hair at its optimum level.

Reports of competitors rubbing the oil from the root of a skunk cabbage into the relevant facial regions and “72 hour long meditation concentration sessions” were found to be accurate.

photo (6)

Shameless advertising and popularity bids soon followed, one competitor threatening to, “Get a professional photographer – your shit skills as a journalist can be the only reason I’m losing. You’re sacked.”

Movember ep.2

And even Snapchat was utilised as a mode of vote-gaining.

Movember ep.1

And jealous talk was had:

Jealous talk

(Notably, James does appear to be the biggest cheater).

But has it all been worth it?

Weigh in Number 2


Movember ep.2 dom

The ‘I’m pretty sure I know that guy from Chat Roulette’.


Movember ep.2 jose

The ‘Fate was cruel; I should have been at Woodstock’.


Movember ep.2 james

The ‘Probably better if you stay masked, Zoro’.

Stay tuned for Episode 3, because it’s all about to get very real.

The boys are going to extreme lengths to aid a worth charity; CLIC Sargent. Help ’em out: