Tab poll finds huge levels of dissatisfaction with course value for money.

73% of Notts students don’t think they get value for their £9000 tuition fees, according to an exclusive poll conducted by The Tab.

the 10%- probably freshers too hungover to remember how much they're paying

100 people took part in the survey, with the majority answering ‘No’, they did not feel they got value for £9,000 a year.

Some students are paying up to £35 an hour for tuition. An irked Computer Science student described his as,  “a bunch of lecture slides”.

 Students can be in lectures with over 200 people with little or no one-to-one interaction with teaching staff. With so few contact hours, it is no wonder that students are so frustrated.

 First year Philosophy and Classics student, Jen Grant told The Tab, “I could definitely do my course part time, the department is so unorganised”.

The tuition fee increase was the big student story of 2010, and angry students are demanding more value for their cash. One second year Chemistry student who wanted to remain anonymous said, “We want more and we want it now!”

An average politics student timetable - more holes than an edgy kids jeans

An average politics student timetable – more holes than an edgy kids jeans

What do Notts Students want?

  • More and better lectures – Students are complaining of lecturers reading through slides, one said “I might as well be at home”
  • More seminars – Students in some schools have less than 5 seminars a term!
  • More passion – Students want to see a desire for their subject not just a set of slides being read off a screen.

Do you agree with the 73%, or are you happy with the value of your course?

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