No More Page 3 Nottingham Demo

17th November is the 43rd birthday of The Sun’s Page 3.

This weekend saw protests across the country as men and women took to the streets to gather signatures for the petition to editor David Dinsmore to take the bare boobs out of the nation’s favourite red-top.

Lucy-Anne Holmes, actress and leader of the campaign, has called for a weekend of ‘celebrating women’. Yesterday the Nottingham branch of the No More Page 3 campaign was in Market Square in the nipples-could-cut-glass temperatures to collect signatures for the national campaign.

Now that’s a cracking pair

Approximately 20 people gathered outside the council house with placards and posters to raise their voices against Page 3. After a mixture of responses, including the odd “Get your tits out!”, they successfully collected 385 names.

The No More Page 3 campaign at Uni of Nottingham is just beginning to gather support with 230 likes on their Facebook page.

25 universities have now banned the sale of The Sun on their campuses, including Warwick, UEA and Bradford. Students, both women and men, are outraged that a newspaper that sexualises women on their opening pages is being sold in their SU shops.

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Lisa Clarke, the organiser of yesterday’s demo in Nottingham, told The Tab how she believes events like these mark the end of Page 3. “Ireland has already dropped it and I would put money on that being Murdoch et al testing the waters. Page 3 is slowly becoming watered down with the ‘Glamorous Fashionistas’.

Slowly changing the format this way makes the victory less obvious but make no mistake that will be a victory”.



Lisa got involved with the campaign from the very beginning in August 2012 and is now part of the HQ team. She thinks that the objectification of women in the mainstream media is a big problem. “I think it insults us all and perpetuates negative and unhelpful attitudes towards women, encouraging the view that we are sex objects, which in turn encourages and reinforces behaviour like street harassment and common sexual assault that has become normalised and accepted as just ‘boys being boys’.”

David Dinsmore, the new editor of The Sun, has recently said that Page 3 is not going anywhere. He told 5live, “I think there are much bigger issues in the world and frankly if Page 3 is the root of all evil, we’re coming at it from the wrong place.”

Should the SU ban the sale of Page 3 on campus? Will you be joining the campaign? Let The Tab know.