Rag Raids Cancelled Amid ‘Alcohol Ban’ Speculation

This weekend, Rag Raids are being cancelled amid speculation that an ‘alcohol ban’ has been imposed.

Rag Raids this weekend are being cancelled.

This news comes amid a huge amount of speculation that the famous Karni-run Rag Raids are banning alcohol from being consumed on the events.

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Collecting at Old Trafford – they are charity events, and banning alcohol potentially reduces the number of people who will be out collecting.

Tiger European, the company that provides the buses for the Rag Raids, confirmed that alcohol was no longer allowed on the buses to and from the day of charity collecting.

When asked if an alcohol ban was in place, a spokesperson for the company responded, ‘Yes, that’s correct’.

The company also confirmed that Rag Raids were being cancelled for this weekend.

However, they told The Tab that they did not know why the ban had been imposed, or why the Rag Raids have been cancelled.

Part of the fun: The drinking culture on Rag Raids is undeniable

Part of the fun? Alcohol and Rag Raids go hand in hand

Karni and the SU have refused to comment, and so at the present time the ban on booze is only speculation.  However, The Tab understands from several sources that the ban on alcohol is true.

Rag Raids are only a part of the freshers calender for a short amount of time –  in the weeks between Freshers week and the Christmas holidays.

With so few opportunities to attend one of the brilliant Rag Raids, the cancellation has generated outcry amongst students.

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Further to this, if the alcohol ban is confirmed to be true, the back lash is sure to be catastrophic.

When asked what their reaction would be if Karni confirmed the alcohol ban, the response was unreservedly negative:

Ali Davidson, a History graduate, said: “It would be a shame for charities to lose out on so much money just because a few people are sick on a bus every once in a while.”

Third-year student Josh Dorr said: “Obviously, the uni has become aware that the students are at danger due to the amount of alcohol there is on Rag Raids, but to remove it from them will ultimately result in the loss of their appeal.

“The vast majority of people I knew who went to Rag Raids, went for the journey home and to get drunk with friends.”

Politics and American Studies student George Thresh said: “I feel alcohol forms an integral part of students’ motivation for going on Rag Raids. Banning it may have unforeseen consequences for its popularity and so potentially undermine the total collected for charity.”

One source told The Tab that the SU are shooting themselves in the foot.

The Communications Office at the SU were unable to comment at this time. More to follow.