How to: Keep toasty without turning on the heating

Things are hotting up at The Tab.

It’s getting to that point in the year when your bank account is looking considerably less healthy than it was in September.

You’ve got the November blues; it’s freezing, deadlines are looming and you and your housemates are too poor to risk turning on the heating. Snapchats like this one have become the norm:


Fear not! The Tab has cooked up some ways to keep you warm as winter creeps closer sans racking up a hefty bill.

  1.Tactical Obesity

Go on.  Have a hearty meal – or five and gain a lovely comforting layer of chub to keep away the autumn chill.

Built-in portable heater? Check.

From penne to pounds.

From Penne to pounds.

  2. A Brew or two

There’s nothing like a cuppa to ward off the cold.

Keep warm and drink tea.

Keep warm and drink tea.

  3. Techy Body-Warmer

We’re all guilty of using our phones obscene amounts during a day.  All of that snapchating, facebooking, tweeting and (sporadic) frantic working generates a lot of precious heat.

So why not put it to good use?

15 minutes later overheated tech as provided perfect nap conditions.

15 minutes later overheated tech has provided perfect nap conditions.

5 minutes into coursework...

5 minutes into coursework








4. Do ‘a Joey’

Note: reduce the number of jumpers to a subtle double-jumper layer for a practical day time look.

15 layers and a lunge later...

15 layers and a lunge later…

  5. Hairy Mary

The men of Nottingham are sporting some pretty fetching tashes at the mo.

Ladies it’s high time we took a leaf out of their books in the name of warmth.

That’s right put down your Venus. No one will know under all of those jumpers.

IMG_2500 (478x640)

You may be my Venus but you’re neither my fire or desire.

 6. The Blanket Buy

Invest in a PROPER blanket. A weighty blanket.

And most crucially: a furry blanket.

blanket pic 1

Fur-ery comfy.

   7. Take a Laundry Bath

Perk of living in a house: a quick tumble does wonders.

IMG_2503 (478x640)

Temporarily toasty.

   8. Hot stuff in Hallward

Nick a bit of heat from uni. The 4th floor of Hallward is heated to the nines, you could fry an egg on the desks.

Never mind how warm you’ll get from the usually perilous walk up the stairs.

It’s pretty appropriate that Hallward has been dubbed ‘The Toaster’ really.

Stairway to heaven...sort of.

Stairway to heaven…sort of.

   9. Bed Share

Oft, you’ll be smokin’ hot in no time.

IMG_2527 (640x478)



After reading this article, we know what you’re thinking…