Stubble in Paradise: Episode One

The Tab pits three close friends against each other in the race for male dominance and facial extravagance. Hold onto your handlebars.

It’s that time of year again; when men across the country down shaving tools in protest against the awful diseases of the world.

The Tab follows three men as they go head-to-head and moustache-to-moustache in the race for masculine supremacy and facial extravagance.

Movember 1st – Smooth as a Baby’s Behind

Meet Dom.

Don’t let that innocent expression deceive you. He’s the baby-faced assassin with a taste for taking down hair-sprouting rivals.

photo 2

Presenting Jose.

The Spanish Conquistador and self-confessed Lothario. Weighing in at a cool 6ft 4″ and an extra stone of confidence, it would be foolish to underestimate his punching power.

photo (5)

And last, but by no means least, The Tab brings you James.

Rumoured to be the “fluffiest man on earth” and with headline grabbing claims such as, “I’m 90% sure I can grow hair at a rate no other man can on earth. I’m super human. I could be a member of X-Men, serious”, it would be foolish to dismiss this man as anything other than dangerous in the field of hair growth.



Movember 11th – Initial Weigh-In

11 days in and the competition has hotted up. Talk of illicit vitamin usage and the act of towel drying in concentric circles for a ‘puffing’ affect has run rife amongst the competition. But who is millimeters ahead of the competition?


photo 4

“The Badman”


photo 3

“The Cloak of Stubbly Contempt”


James Moustache 1

“The ‘Ladies?'”

Next weigh-in coming soon. Be ready, they are.