Who wants to be a millionaire?

Notts in top 20 for producing millionaire graduates

Nottingham is in the top 20 universities for producing millionaires, according to a recent study.

It seems that almost anything can be made into a league table these days, and the University of Nottingham has crept into this particularly unique study by the prestigious magazines Spear’s and WealthInsight.

Rated 217th worldwide for producing millionaires, Nottingham’s already glowing status as the best and richest uni in the city is reinforced. Trent tragically escaped a mention… you might as well put your tuition fees on Seabiscuit at the Grand National.

Impressive salaries are no surprise given the exceptional connections Nottingham has with businesses such as Boots and local giant Rolls Royce. The university also owns five companies of its own with significant investment in 28 others. This helped fund a whopping £500 million expenditure in 2011/12.

In case you were wondering which degree you should switch to in light of this information, the study also found Engineering as favourite to rake in those cash-monies and dolla dolla bills. Various other maths related courses made the top ten so, basically, arts and humanities students are screwed.

Homeless or just a humanities student?

Homeless or just a humanities student?

If you’re reading this wondering whether a degree is necessary for such coinage, take note that only 1% of worldwide millionaires weren’t uni students. So when Alan Sugar said Uni was a waste of time, he was obviously just jealous.