Petition: Lift the ban on rugby varsity

Sign The Tab’s petition for the Student Union to lift the unjust ban on the Rugby Union varsity match against Nottingham Trent.

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Pressure is growing on the Students’ Union to lift the ban on the Nottingham Uni Rugby club and allow them to to play in the annual varsity match against Nottingham Trent.

Not only does the ban mean that charity will lose out on thousands of pounds, The Tab has also learnt that the women’s varsity match may not be held at Meadow Lane because there won’t be a men’s game to follow it.

This means that the women’s Rugby sides from both UoN and Trent will lose what is likely to be their only opportunity to play in a professional stadium, despite having nothing to do with the incident.


Photo: Martin Sylvester

Please see below a petition for the University of Nottingham Students’ Union to lift the unjust ban on Rugby Varsity.

Students from both universities have been voicing their unhappiness at the ban, with some branding it “absolutely daft” and others calling the disciplinary process “a complete sham.”

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Ben Watts, a Trent student, said: “I can’t believe its been cancelled. I’ve just started here and was told rugby varsity was infamous so I’m really disappointed. I think a lot of us Trent students want to see it reinstated.”

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Well, The Tab has listened.

Sign the petition and lift the unjust ban…