I’m a student, get me out of here!

Notts students set off around the world for charity

Tomorrow, students from across our fair campus will be unleashed into the UK transport system an beyond as they compete in this year’s Great Escape Nottingham.

Students competing have no money and have to try and get as far away from Nottingham as they can in 36 hours. Last year’s participants ended up all over the country, some going even further afield and the winners managing to blag their way to Antalya in Turkey, nearly 2000 miles from Notts.

Team Destination Unknown in Instanbul

Team Destination Unknown in Istanbul

Events like this are held at Unis up and down the country with the national jailbreak  champions from Cambridge managing to get to Sydney for nothing but a smile and a prayer.

Last year’s event raised 14 grand for the Nottingham branch of global charity Enactus. Enactus works with academic, community and business leaders to inspire an entrepreneurial spirit and support projects that benefit the entire community. In Nottingham, they recently supported the brilliantly named Pulp Friction, a bike-powered ice cream and smoothie company.

say what one more time, I can't hear you over the blender

say what one more time, I can’t hear you over the blender

If someone you know is escaping or you just want to follow the action as it happens, The Tab will be running a Great Escape liveblog to keep you up to date with the escapers and their progress across the world!