Bullman is back in town

With more bulls than a china shop in Pamplona

This week, Notts’ favourite promo-guy returned with the bull mobile to give some of you lot an early morning surprise.

bullman 4


The Tab joined him on one of his rounds to give you an exclusive peak into the life of a Bullman.


George Miller, Notts’ resident Red-Bull specialist, kindly invited us on the milk float trip of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, it was at 6am and pissing down with rain.

As we set off on the round, Lenton felt almost peaceful. We were too late to catch people getting home from town, and too early to see anyone going to uni.

Photo 07-11-2014 06 21 18

But George prefers it that way, other Bullmen have told him tales of being followed by Balaclava-wearing opportunists desperate to get their hands on some bull.

But despite the disgustingly early starts, and the vile weather, George loves his job and enjoys the little messages left for him by his fans.


1000 Lenton residents are set to be visited by the Bull man over the next week. Students on selected roads will be first delivered a fold out cardboard crate to receive the caffeinated cans and as long as you leave it where he can see it, The Bullman will fill it up.

Early risers may even be treated to the sight of the elusive bull mobile and be blinded by it’s glaring orange beacon.

Photo 07-11-2014 06 55 50

And if you do see George on his rounds in the rain, give him a wave and he may sling a few cans your way.

After all, Why get it from the cow when you can get it from the bull?