Made In Chelsea boys Jamie Laing and Proudlock coming to Nottingham

Two thirds of the infamous Lost Boys trio are coming to Oceana…

In the next stop of their presumably nationwide tour, Made In Chelsea superstars and bastions of posh edginess Jamie Laing and Oliver Proudlock will be pardying in Oceana tonight.

As only two thirds of the world-renowned Lost Boys trio, MIC fans across Nottingham will undoubtedly be disappointed with the absence of a certain Francis Boulle, who has inexplicably decided that he doesn’t want to spend the night getting chased by sweaty, fame-hungry freshers.

McVities heir Jamie Laing will be hoping his image hasn’t crumbled after it was not-so-shockingly revealed in last week’s episode that he has showed his Hobnob to co-rah Lucy Watson.

U watson?!

U watson?!

Meanwhile, the more alternative students will be on the lookout for grooming tips from ponytailed trend-setter and ladies man Oliver Proudlock.

This will cap a busy few days for the Made In Chelsea cast, after everyone’s favourite self-obsessed alpha male Mr Matthews was caught with his Spenny out following another jaunt on the town last week.

It’s not all pun and games, though. Some students aren’t so enthused with the prospect of the Lost Boys finding themselves in Oceana…

mic 3

mic tweet two

Not so excited…

Although Student Clubber’s claim that the night will feature “the biggest names from the biggest TV show” is somewhat dubious, the club sold out of Early Bird and VIP Meet and Greet tickets days ago, so they must be doing something right.

What do you reckon? Is this the best thing to happen to Nottingham since Chocolate Digestives were in the Co-op reduced aisle? Or is it all a big waste of time which could be spent actually watching Made In Chelsea? Let us know in the comments section below.