Rules for No Costume Cop-Outs!

Follow The Tab’s eight simple rules to have a sensationally scary costume this Halloween!

Over your time at University, a substantially sized collection of fancy dress attire is acquired. There was all that stuff you brought in fresher’s week that you can’t really bring yourself to get rid of, along with an assortment of random items obtained from nights out. That top hat on top of your TV? Swiped it from someone in the smoking area.

Fancy dress is whole-heartedly embraced by university students for 364 days of the year and here at Nottingham, we do it well. Last week’s Seven Legged pulls out some amazing triumphs but now there’s a big kid in town. Halloween.

A completely different ball game, planning your Halloween costume falls under the stress level usually reserved for going into labour and phD final exams. Striking a level of being cool without looking like a slut or completely terrifying is a challenge, but doable.

Make your mark this Halloween and do the Gods of fancy dress proud.

RULE 1: Don’t be a cop out

The only vampire who wears checked shirts is Edward Cullen. No one wants to be Edward Cullen.

The only vampire who wears checked shirts is Edward Cullen. No one wants to be Edward Cullen.

This includes just dressing as something you already have, putting on fake blood and being  transforming into a ‘dead’ version of your original costume. You’re better than that.

RULE 2: Use make up to your advantage

A cat and dead Nicki Minaj. All achieved from make up.

A cat and dead Nicki Minaj. All achieved from make up.

Be honest, you can’t afford that £30 elaborate costume in Luvyababes. But eyeliner can provide a whole host of possibilities. Guys, ask your girl mates to give you a hand; you don’t know what you are doing.

RULE 3: Dress as something scary

This isn't scary.

This isn’t scary.

Don’t be American about it. You have to go as something vaguely Halloween related. This isn’t a time for Where’s Wally.

RULE 4: But not TOO scary

Do not hug this person.

Do not hug this person.

You still have to go out in public. If you look like something out of Saw no one will go near you.


Sorry, couldn’t resist a Mean Girls GIF.

RULE 5: Be practical

This is scary gravy "rahh Bisto!" Genius, but can you throw shapes in that?

This is “rahh Bisto!” genius, but can you throw shapes in that?

Think about all the usual outcomes that come from a messy night out. Now factor in your costume. Exactly. You want nothing too layered (you will boil alive in Crisis); nothing with head gear (it will get stolen) and always consider your potential walk of shame.

I can guarantee this will be the one walk of shame you do when all of your halls is gathered outside of a fire drill. Choose wisely.

RULE 6: Team up

Cast of Hocus Pocus plus boobs.

Cast of Hocus Pocus plus boobs.

Seven Legged isn’t your only opportunity; group costumes are always a laugh. Favourites include The Addams Family, a pumpkin farm or the entire Nightmare Before Christmas cast.

RULE 7: No cheating


Mad scientist, not so mad costume skillz.

If you happen to do a Science subject, DO NOT JUST WEAR YOUR LAB COAT AND BE A ‘MAD SCIENTIST.’ That’s stupid and kind of being offensive to your own degree  and mental health. CHEATING IS IMMORAL. Same rule applies if your job is a lifeguard/nurse.

RULE 8: Don’t be another fucking zombie

Ok its a cowboy zombie. Still counts.

Ok, it’s a cowboy zombie. Still counts.

Seriously. I’m so done with zombies. BIG FAT COP-OUT.

REMEMBER these rules. It’s easier said than done and temptation to be lazy comes naturally to us but take advantage of this one night of the year! Next week you can go back to being a Smurf or whatever, just make sure you do Halloween properly.