Campus’ Spookiest Places

The Tab sends its gullible, roving reporters into the sinister side of campus.

Yes, that’s right, in the spirit of Halloween The Tab conned one gullible writer into tracking down, photographing and nervously travelling the creepiest paths and landmarks on campus.

Note: these places are considerably more unnerving at night but no writer was that gullible.

Creepiest places 1

Sinister Path No. 1

Sinister Path No.1: Ever noticed how campus is criss-crossed with parallel and often entirely pointless paths where the university has been forced to create an actual pathway where students have trodden their own muddy shortcuts?  Well, this is one of them. Running around Clive Granger, Sinister Path No. 1 is guarded by low hanging trees and threatening shadows.

Creepiest places 5

You can still hear the tennis players of the past…

The long forgotten (until next British outdoor tennis season) tennis courts of somewhere-near-the-gym are ailing and mossy, abandoned and rotting. Rumour has it, you can still hear the tennis players of the past late at night.


“The Tower Block”

“The Tower Block” is most known for its attraction to those desperate enough to seek an end by jumping from its imposing height and its striking physical similarity to the Tower of Terror at Disneyland, Paris.

Creepiest places 2

“The Chamber of Trent Secrets”

Appropriately named “The Chamber of Trent Secrets”, this tunnel connects the Trent and Portland buildings. Despite being recently modernised – the aroma of new paint still hangs in the air – the chamber has lost none of its original sinister nature. With only your own breathing for company, walking through very quickly feels like a scene from 28 Days Later.

Creepiest places 7

The Lake

The Lake: during the day it’s a haven for wandering couples, but at night it’s a watery grave for the drunken daredevils it attracts. Rumours of campus crawl accidents travel like the breeze across the surface of the murky water.

Creepiest places 4

Sinister Path No. 2

Sinister Path No.2: This is the kind of place where, in traditional Halloween spirit, you should try carrying a pumpkin atop your head to ward off any awaiting Headless Highwaymen*.

*It’s worth noting that we’re not actually entirely sure this works, and it doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume Headless Highwaymen would have a certain level of ingenuity.

Creepiest places 6

The Lakeside Art Centre

The Lakeside Art Centre might be a surprising entry, but have you seen these hanging, silken skulls emerging from the darkened exhibitions?! It seems safe to conclude that the university is practicing black magic.

Creepiest places 8

“The Recorder”

Coined, “The Recorder” for obvious reasons (it looks like a trumpet), this mysterious and unsightly structure pierces the campus skyline. The building belongs to Warner Bros. cartoons, where it can be framed by lightning and owned by a baddy.

We challenge you to enter those darkened spots of campus the Hopper Bus was to invented to help you avoid. C’mon, it’s Halloween.