IMS Round-Up: 19th-20th October

Later than a Ryan Shawcross leg-breaker, your absolutely pun-free IMS round-up is finally here

Despite the torrential rain that afflicted the micro-climate of Grove Farm, a number of fixtures still went ahead in this weekend’s IMS football leagues.

In Saturday’s Super League, LawSoc had no defence as they were sentenced to a 7-0 defeat at the hands of NUFC’s Development XI.

With the fifth eleven in seventh heaven and the NUFC 1st team in a poor run of form, surely it’s only a matter of time until the Development squad say goodbye to the battered Grove Farm fields and hello to the hallowed pitches of Highfields.

Meanwhile, PoliticsSoc were left with a Churchill to climb after falling 3-1 behind to History, but managed to poll it back with two late goals securing a hard-fought draw.

Politics Soc left with a Churchill to climb...

Politics Soc left with a Churchill to climb…

Thanks to some elementary defending from PhysicsSoc, Karnival Old Boys were able to secure a 1-0 win in a pretty borong game. Physics will be looking to react next week when they take on Nightingale Seniors as they search for some much needed Joulebilation.

Down in Division 1, the Medics will be searching for a lifeline after a heart-stopping 4-3 defeat to BizSoc flat-lined their season on zero points from two games. At the other end of the table, BizSoc’s stock is high after back-to-back victories put them top of the pile.

The Medics' season has flat-lined

The Medics’ season has flat-lined

After Christian Union’s no-show last week, it was a case of ‘nice to CU’ as they romped to a divine 3-0 victory over Chemical & Environmental Engineering, who certainly didn’t get the rub of the green this week.

Philosophy will be pondering how to best improve their defence after being ibuprofoundly beaten by PharmSoc, whose first three points of the campaign were just what the doctor ordered.

ArchitectureSoc continued to build upon their good form in Division 2 by demolishing BioChem 7-2, while AmericanSoc are in fifty states of unrest following their own thrashing at the hands of BioSoc.

On what turned out to be a gloriously sunny Sunday, African Caribbean ended up Jamaiking a host of chances before putting away one solitary Tobagoal against a poorly planned Civil Engineering outfit.

Back in the standard leagues, English will be desperately attempting to avoid hitting the HisPanic button after their 5-3 defeat showed their timid defence to be made up of mice, not men.

The English defence was made up of mice, not men.

The English defence was made up of mice, not men.

Finally, showing that they can do more than just colour in, GeogSoc’s 3-2 victory proved that KPS are a piece of KarPatty cake.

A list of all the weekend’s football results can be found below:

Saturday Super League

LawSoc 0-7 NUFC Development*

PoliticsSoc 3-3 HistorySoc

PhysicsSoc 0-1 Karnival Old Boys

PGSA 5-2 Nightingale Seniors

Saturday Division 1

Medics 3-4 BizSoc

Chem & Env Eng 0-3 Christian Union*

PhilSoc 2-3 PharmSoc

Saturday Division 2

BioSoc 6-2 AmericanSoc

BioChemistry 2-7 Architecture

Raleigh Park v Cavendish Hall WALKOVER TO RALEIGH

Sunday Super League

LawSoc 3-1 SUPA*

Natural Sciences 1-0 St. Peter’s*

CivSoc 0-1 African Caribbean

Sunday Division 1

CompSoc 1-2 NeuroSoc

English 3-5 Hispanic Society

HistorySoc v Ancaster Old Boys WALKOVER TO HISTORY

Sunday Division 2

GeogSoc 3-2 PKS Karpaty

Newark Hall 5-2 JewishSoc*

Ancaster Hall 1-0 Living Out

Florance Boots 4-4 Raleigh Park*

*unconfirmed results