‘Edgy’ – The New Normal

The Tab provides you with a step-to-step guide to help you fit in with all the edgy and ‘unique’ kids on campus

You can’t step onto campus nowadays without having a near accident with some trendy kid on a thin-wheeled bicycle. Dressed in something vintage and dangerously oversized, you can only wish to one day be as cool and ‘unique’ as them–until someone in a very similar ‘unique’ outfit passes you by, that is. Ultimately, it seems ‘edgy’ is very much the new normal.

Whether you’re headed to Campus or the clubs, The Tab provides you with a step-to-step edge guide to help you fit in, by being ‘unique.’

Oversized Knitwear:

Place a tactical call in to your Grandad; you’ll be needing him. Oversized knitwear is all the rage amongst the growing crowd of ‘hipsters.’ If your Grandad is otherwise indisposed, then consult a vintage store – Cow should do the trick.


It’s not even a real cigarette; I don’t even smoke. It just looked edgy.

The Snapback:

You’re not ‘alternative’ unless you own a snapback (it seems). Under normal circumstances the Tab would advise you only wear hats outdoors – it’s rude to wear them in buildings (see: http://uk.ask.com/question/why-is-it-rude-to-wear-a-hat-indoors). But to be edgy is to break rules, so wear them everywhere- to lectures, clubs, weddings, and the shower if you must. For added cool points go for the the unconventional approach and wear it backwards.

Sporting apparel:

Baseball jackets, vintage sweatshirts and old sports T-shirts will all play a role in ensuring you stand out from the sea of mainstream Topman shoppers. Ignore all your sensibilities and roll the sleeves up a couple of times as you walk through campus on a chilly day – remember, when you’re edgy, absolutely nothing makes sense.

Bulls jacket

It just so happens Diran plays and is a fan of basketball; this isn’t an essential requirement when wearing sport related apparel however (it just makes more sense).

High-tops and bright coloured trainers:

Many mainstream hipsters employ high-tops to finish off their look. One needn’t be bound by just one type of shoe however. Up the edge with some running shoes for casual campus days absent of running or sporting activity.

green kicks

No running is ever done in these, it’s a rule.