Nottingham Council Mulls City-Wide Alcohol Ban

Nottingham City Council will today discuss plans for a city-wide ban on street drinking.

The plans, aimed at tackling alcohol related anti-social behaviour, would give police the power to order people to stop drinking on the street.

Those who refuse could be landed with a £50 on-the-spot fine or a maximum fine of £500 following prosecution.

Nottingham currently has seven areas with “Designated Public Place Orders” (DPPOs) which allow police to order troublemakers to stop drinking or face arrest.  The problems appear to have been pushed to other areas, so in response the Council’s plans would extend DPPOs to every area in the city.


People drinking in a “sensible and reasonable manner” aren’t meant to be affected by the proposals…

City council leader Jon Collins said: “From our experience of introducing these orders in other parts of the city, we know it helps police officers, PCSOs and CPOs deal with crime and antisocial behaviour associated with street drinking.”

If the council approves the plans, it will make its final decision in February next year.

Chief Inspector Shaun Ostle, of Nottingham Police, said: “the order has worked well in the city centre so far and people are compliant.”