Snapchat is Shit

Bryony Latham thinks it’s time Snapchat died a slow, painful death.

Whether you admit to using it every day, or you think that sending the occasional silly selfie to your friends is fun; Snapchat is still shit. Here’s why.

The Ugly Mug

Speaks for itself…

Well, first of all, there’s the question of what to send? What would my friends love to see me doing? The fashion these days is to send our ugly mugs to other people, with joy taken in knowing that they can only see it for a few seconds.

Well that’s sure to make them laugh… at first. But when your phone is getting inundated with silly faces with captions that don’t quite make sense, it sure as hell takes its toll.

Food Snaps

Since when has it become appropriate for people to whip out their smartphones at the dinner table? Those of you who do this, please don’t.

Quite frankly, no one really cares what you’re eating.

Is that supposed to be spag bol for one?

Spag bol for one?

Drunken Snaps

Similar to the ugly mugs, this is a way for people to show friends what they’re missing out on. “Look we’re having so much fun without you” at 2am on a night out.

Go away and leave me to sleep. There was a reason I didn’t go out tonight.

Daily snappers

It has unfortunately gotten so bad that I occasionally see people taking selfies on University Park. Caption: Walking to campus.

Fingers crossed you walk into a lamp post whilst you’re taking a photo of your windswept look. That would be a hell of a lot more amusing.

No, they don't. Now stop it.

No, they don’t. Now stop it.

If you think that sending a daily Snapchat to all your friends excuses the fact that you haven’t replied to their messages for a couple of weeks, you’re wrong. This will only remind them every day of what an annoying friend you are.

The future of Snapchat looks bleak…

Some of you may have already cleverly cottoned on to the fact that there is a way to screenshot Snapchats (and the sender will be notified…) but, thanks to the genius Darren Jones, the novelty of Snapchat will not exist for long.

His recent creation is the 62p smartphone app, ‘Snaphack’, which allows users to screenshot images without notifying the sender. Not only this, but receivers are able to retrieve videos and pictures from waaaay back in the history of Snapchat.

So if you thought your kinky snaps were safe from being scrutinised, you are sadly wrong.


The undoing of Snapchat

What’s more, Snaphack will let users forward images to friends, so it won’t be long until your forbidden photos will be in the hands of your future employers…

My advice is to keep a look out for yourself on

If you’re new to Snapchat, have fun! You’ll soon get fed up with all the Snapchat litter on your shiny smartphone, or perhaps become someone who is irritatingly obsessed with it.

Either way, it’s just another way of alerting the world to your incredibly mundane life.

But on the rare occasion that you manage to send a funny snapchat, congratulations! Now put your phone down.